Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

She has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years and has always maintained her looks and appearance throughout. Now, at 52 years old, she remains eternally youthful and has managed to stop the ageing clock.

Patti Panue, Skin Rejuvenation Clinic’s Founder and Practitioner continually gets asked the same question over and over ‘‘Whats your secret to looking refreshed and youthful?”. Well, now you can find out, as Patti reveals her trade secrets to anyone who wishes to know.

“I work out four times a week, eat a well-balanced diet, which is high in protein, and I drink a lot of green tea. Also, I only started drinking alcohol at the age of 49, because I felt like I was missing out”.

But have you had the HIFU treatments you offer Patti? That is what your followers want to know?

“Yes, I have had the HIFU Face and Neck, skin tightening treatment some nine months now. It all started, 18 months ago, when I started looking for a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, that would tighten my skin and prevent the signs of ageing. I had Anti Wrinkle Treatment in the past, and I felt I didn’t want the frozen face look as I didn’t like the look it gave me. I was looking for a more natural treatment, and that is when I came across the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatments”.

The results have given Patti back her high cheekbones and jawline definition. Furthermore, it has given her more confidence at the age of 52 and empowered her to help others to achieve similar results.

Patti has always worked on the outer shell of the face and has always been passionate about keeping her eye on the pulse and has, therefore, turned her attention to focusing on working beneath the canvas of one’s face and body, hence her new business venture in Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and HIFU.

Patti has also used the Skin Micro-Needling treatment to improve the texture of her skin and diminish her fine lines and wrinkles.

The HIFU treatments are the only FDA cleared non-surgical, non-invasive procedures that have been proven to be safe and effective in clinical studies and have had over 450,000 treatments worldwide.  Over the last three years there have been several celebrities who have benefited and come forward, confessing their endorsement of this unique procedure, even Kim Kardashian’s BFF, Jonathan Cheban famously had his HIFU treatment in London in February 2016.