Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Having completed the initial consultation, it’s now time to undergo your skin rejuvenation treatment. Whether an HIFU face and neck lift, HIFU body lipolysis or skin micro needling treatment.

Treatment time

Upon arrival, we offer clients a herbal tea or water while they complete a medical form. At this point, customers are welcome to ask any further questions regarding their treatment. And we’ll ask you if you’re excited to get started!

During this time, before the treatment begins, we’ll explain the process of your specific treatment. Explaining that at any time we can reduce the power to ensure maximum comfortability. If you experience any discomfort during the treatment, we can always take a quick break.

What happens next?

We like to take photos to monitor your progress. Although don’t worry, they won’t be used anywhere without your permission to do so! We will run through the aftercare with you and explain at what point you will start to see results. If you have a body lipolysis treatment, we will take measurements too. For micro needling treatments, we apply a topical anaesthetic cream. Our practitioner will mask and glove up, ensuring you see the high level of care we undertake to complete each treatment.

How does the actual treatment work?

For details on each treatment, you can visit our treatment page for more information.

What about when it’s all done?

We will ask you regularly during the treatment how you are, ensuring you remain comfortable from start to finish. Once the treatment is completed, there is no rush to be on your way! We allow clients their own time to come off the couch, with a glass of water at the ready.

With a quick recap on aftercare, and the necessary cream in your possession to take away! We’ll make notes on your medical forms with the settings and shots used for any future treatments too.

What’s next?

Keep your eye out for the final part in our three-blog series, where we explain the final chapter in our skin rejuvenation treatments.


If you’d like to call the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and discuss what we can do for you, simply phone: 0800 0831 507 to find out more.