How Can I Reverse The Signs of Ageing

How Can I Reverse The Signs of Ageing?

For as long as the internet exists, users will continue to ask: How can I reverse the signs of ageing?

People come up with new ways to reverse the signs of ageing daily… But do they really work?

From superfoods that promise to reduce wrinkles to workout regimes that claim to reverse the ageing process, there are endless articles online that claim to do the exact same thing.

But what does the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic do?

Here at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, we specialise in high-intensity-focused-ultrasound (HIFU) treatments, with the results clear to see in our case studies. Our non-invasive treatments are for the face, stomach, love handles, back, upper arms and inner thighs, improving the skin’s texture and firmness. We are passionate about helping both men and women feel confident in themselves and in their appearance.

There’s no need to go under the knife! Our non-surgical treatments are FDA cleared, with clinical studies proving their safety status and effectiveness. So before you contemplate something drastic, let us explain what skin rejuvenation can do for you…

Can your skin treatments really reverse the signs of ageing?

We often have clients asking, ‘how can I prevent ageing?’ ‘can I reverse the signs of ageing?’ or even ‘how can I look younger?’ and the answer is, we understand your desire to turn back time! Which is why we are incredibly passionate about supporting individuals to age gracefully, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little help… Let us explain exactly how our treatments work and what they target.

What can HIFU treatments treat?

Our HIFU treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical, with long lasting results.

  • HIFU Body Lipolysis is used to permanently destroy fat cells without harming your skin’s surface. With heat focused on the targeted fat cells, heat passes through your skin to destroy them completely. Over the next few weeks and months, your body naturally removes this fat, resulting in a more contoured waistline and tighter, firmer skin in the treated area.
  • HIFU Face and Neck Lift aims to lift and tighten collagen, revitalising the elasticity of your skin. By targeting small amounts of soft tissue below the skin, your body will begin to create new collagen. This therefore achieves a significant lift and tightening effect to your skin! Without the need to go under the knife, our HIFU face and neck lift helps to reverse the signs of ageing!

What about micro needling treatments?

Micro needling involves the use of a device containing fine needles. As well as improving your skin’s texture and firmness, it also helps to reduce wrinkles, scars, cellulite, pore size and even stretch marks.

But how does micro needling work?

Post-treatment the body will start to naturally repair your skin, forming new collagen, skin cells and enhancing blood supply. This can take up to six weeks before visible signs of regeneration can be seen, with the effects of the treatment continuing to work over the new five to six months! Micro needling excels over laser type treatments, working to help you gain better, clearer skin.

Micro needling skin treatments are popular amongst new mothers suffering with stretch marks, those who may be self conscious of cellulite and even acne and scarring.

More information on skin rejuvenation treatments

To find out how we can help you reverse the signs of ageing, get in touch via our online form or by calling 0800 0831 507 – Where we will conduct a full medical questionnaire to establish the best treatment for you!