Non-Invasive Double Chin Treatment

Non-Invasive Double Chin Treatment

Every time you look in the mirror, do you love what you see? Do you feel confident in your appearance? Do you love yourself? Having a double chin can impact your confidence and we completely understand. But what can you do about it? Surgery? Liposuction? They are both risky and expensive, with a variety of complications involved. But it doesn’t need to be difficult to erase that double chin you hate! Our non-invasive and non-surgical skin treatments can help define your jawline and diminish that double chin.

HIFU Face and Neck Lift

Can a HIFU face and neck lift really help erase my double chin? The answer is yes! Our double chin treatment slows down the development of ageing signs and defines your jawline. Working on both the face and neck, it’ll also improve your skin’s elasticity and shapes the face contours. By lifting and tightening your skin, it really can get rid of that double chin!

What is HIFU?

HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) is a non-invasive and non-surgical skin tightening treatment. Using ultrasound to lift and tighten collagen, a HIFU treatment improves the elasticity of your skin. HIFU is popular amongst both men and women who are looking to get rid of their double chin and erase wrinkles.

Targeting deep into the skin to its foundational layer of tissue, HIFU doesn’t distrust the surface of the skin. By targeting this layer of tissue, it addresses the tissue usually targeted during surgery. Thankfully, this non-invasive treatment bypasses the need for surgery! There’s no need to go under the knife to undergo a double chin treatment. Want to find out more on the history of HIFU and skin rejuvenation?

When will I see the results of my double chin treatment?

While some clients see an initial effect immediately after their treatment, the real results filter through in the following 2/3 months. Right after your double chin treatment, you’ll experience a refreshed glowing look! Results can be seen up to 9 months following your skin treatment, although this can depend on a variety of factors. This includes age, health, lifestyle and diet. While a HIFU treatment can’t duplicate the results of a facelift, it has been clinically proven for those not sure on surgery!

What about recovery time?

This is where our HIFU face and neck lift really excels… There is no downtime! So you can get back to work the same day.

How can I book a double chin treatment?

A quick phone consultation with our experienced practitioner can help you decide on the right skin treatment for you. Simply free phone: 0800 0831 507 for a quick chat and to book at one of our three clinics! We have clinics in Harley Street London, Fleet Street London and Slough/Windsor.

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