Non-Invasive Double Chin Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation: Is It Worth It?

It isn’t just ageing that can affect our skin. We must also consider a variety of other factors, including exercise, diet and smoking. The aim of skin rejuvenation is to remove the damage of sun exposure and reduce the signs of ageing. But that’s not all. Our treatments can also diminish the appearance of scarring, both from acne and more generally.

Introducing Skin Rejuvenation

In younger skin, cells are replaced far quicker. As we get older, these cells regenerate more slowly. This can leave us feeling as though we’ve lost that youthful glow! Where Skin Rejuvenation really shines is through HIFU treatments, targeting the soft tissue below the skin’s surface. This encourages your body to naturally create new collagen!

Before fully understanding how skin rejuvenation works, many of our clients think that surgery is the only answer. Thankfully not! Our HIFU and micro needling treatments mean there’s no need for drastic measures to gain a refreshed appearance.

Why choose Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, Patti Panue – Skin Rejuvenation Clinic’s founder and practitioner – is a true perfectionist. With the goal of empowering both men and women in feeling their best in their appearance, she is deemed one of the best amongst her peers.

Where the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic goes above and beyond is client care. Patti’s greatest strength is her ability to work with her clients, listening to their needs and finding the best treatment to achieve their goals.

What treatments are available?

We carry out HIFU body lipolysis, HIFU face and neck lifts and micro needling treatments. With each having their own specific abilities, it is always best to discuss your requirements with our practitioner in order to achieve maximum results.

What can our treatments achieve?

Body lipolysis treatment areas:
Upper arms
Inner and outer thighs
Love handles

HIFU Body lipolysis treatments permanently destroy fat cells without harming your skin. With results showing within 4 to 12 weeks, your body naturally processes the treated fat. HIFU body lipolysis reduces and moves the number of fat cells in the treated area.

HIFU face and neck lift results:
Improves skin elasticity
Defines jawline
Slows down the development of ageing signs
Improves the skin’s surface layer
Lifts eyebrow
Shapes and tightens the face contours

HIFU face and neck lift treatments lift and tighten collagen, revitalising the elasticity of the skin.

Skin micro needling treats:
Stretch marks
Acne scars
UV damage
General scars
Reduction and removal of lines and wrinkles
Tightening of the skin, improving elasticity

Skin micro needling treatments create hundreds of micro injuries in order to encourage your skin to naturally repair itself. Removing the risk of hypo-pigmentation – which is usually involved with laser therapy – micro needling is completely natural and safe.