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There are so may body contouring treatments out there in the market today. It has fast become one of the fastest growing treatments people go for, as it gives a more desirable shape and can alter your figure and rid those stubborn fat areas that are hard to shift. HIFU Body Lipolysis is a treatment that we offer at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, whereby our clients have seen significant changes in the way they look and feel.

The different options available for Body Contouring is by using either radio frequency heat or cooling technologies. These can depend on the tissue type and area being treated as to which one or more preferred.


The Power of HIFU Body Sculpting

HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) lifts, tightens, and tones loose skin to counteract the effects of both time and gravity. One of the first effects of gravity is that the brows descend, and the eyes start to appear smaller. HIFU will lift the brow, which in turn reduces the excess skin on the lids, opens up the eyes and gives a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

This treatment really comes into its own for:

• Lifting & Sharpening the jowl area and jaw line (Good bye…double chin!)
• Non-surgical face lift to look younger
• Lifting the brow area
• Reducing excess skin on Upper Eyelids
• Loose skin around the stomach from childbirth or weight loss

Where this treatment really excels is that it can be a one-off treatment or for those of you who really like to show the world that aging is a problem that “others” have, you can achieve maximum benefits over mere mortals and have the treatment yearly, stopping the aging process well and truly in its tracks. Perhaps best of all there is also no downtime, so you can go back to work that very afternoon.

To learn more about the body sculpting treatments available, contact Skin Rejuvenation Clinic calling 07376 052 707 or email on or filling out an online contact form. We can help you determine the treatment that is right for you and get you looking your best in as little time as possible!