Turn back the clock with HIFU treatments

If we had the opportunity, many of us would like to stop time, therefore the ageing process. Lines and wrinkles can make us feel and look older, affecting our confidence. Although for many, invasive surgery isn’t the answer. Which is why so many reach out for non-surgical and non-invasive alternatives. With minimal downtime and very little discomfort, HIFU treatments are paving the way in non-surgical treatments.

HIFU treatments at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

At the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, our expert skin practitioner continues to help clients in achieving their goals. With clinics in Harley Street, Fleet Street and Slough/Windsor, we undergo HIFU treatments to treat a variety of things. With our HIFU face and neck lift, we can help define your jawline and improve your skin’s elasticity. As well as improving the surface layer of the skin, tighten your cheekbones and slow down ageing signs.

How do HIFU treatments work?

HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) treatments work by targeting deep under the skin to its foundational layer. By heating small amounts of targeted skin tissue below the surface, HIFU treatments reach the same depths of surgery without actually going under the knife.

Is a HIFU treatment the same as laser procedures?

Where laser procedures rely on light energy, they cannot reach deeper skin layers, unlike HIFU. This is where HIFU excels, naturally boosting your body’s production of collagen for natural and noticeable results.

How long does a treatment take?

This can depend on the area being treated, alongside your individual treatment plan. Typically, the HIFU face and neck treatment takes between 60-120 minutes.

What are the other benefits of HIFU treatments?

  • With a single HIFU treatment, there is no downtime
  • Safely used in over 450,000 treatments worldwide, so you know you’re in safe hands
  • Completely natural, with collagen being stimulated over the next nine months
  • The best alternative to invasive surgery or injections


Turn back the clock with HIFU treatments