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The younger we are, the more resilient we are with our overall health and diet. We can eat whatever we want and dance as long as we wish, and our bodies bounce back the way it was.

There is no denying that hormonal changes mean that our bodies interact with the environment differently. When we were in our 20’s is very different from how we are in our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Therefore, leading to health worries which are associated with middle age, such as aches and pains, weight gain (as metabolism slows down) lack of sleep, feeling tired all the time as well as digestive and intolerance concerns.

Research from leading doctors have identified that looking and feeling healthy all begins with what we eat and how we are on the inside. This also affects the way we age and look.

We’ve heard it repeatedly, ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘what you eat is who you are’. So, what should we be eating to turn back the time of youth?

Well, it’s all about going back to basics and packing your diet with healthy, fresh, seasonal and whole foods. You can still eat and drink what you like, only eat it in moderation and little and less often.

First, introduce a higher water intake into your diary. The recommended daily water intake is 2 litres. Not only will this give you a healthy clearer complexion it will also help towards flushing out all the toxins and wastes from within

Try to eliminate processed foods from your diet entirely, which is high in sugars and fats. Also, try to think about making the transition from white bread to whole grain and white rice to brown, this will do wonders for your digestive system.

When following any healthy diet, you can expect improved health, a healthier weight, more energy and a better mood, not to mention an overall better-looking appearance. It will also help to balance your hormones, which will help your body function at its optimal level.

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