Recently we met with a client who was looking for a treatment to remove stubborn fat to kickstart her living a more healthy lifestyle. Despite being an avid gym goer, she was unable to shift the fat around her midriff area and contacted us about the HIFU Bodylipolysis treatment. See the images below, following her treatment, 3 months on and we are both delighted with her results, which will continue to work up to 9 months.

There has been so much talk in the press recently about specific body fat reduction treatments and if they work or not. These vary from fat freezing, body sculpting, liposuction, to name a few which can be costly and have some downtime associated to it.

At the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, we offer a treatment called HIFU Bodylipolysis, also known as a fat reduction treatment. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and so does their fat. Many other non-invasive body contouring devices can be limited in their ability to treat specific areas of fat and may require several hours and multiple treatment sessions to address problem areas adequately. However, HIFU Bodylipolysis is highly versatile, allowing control over precisely how and where energy is delivered, for a truly customised treatment in what is usually depending on the size of the area, generally a single one-hour treatment session.

HIFU Body Lipolysis treatments use high intensity focused ultrasound to non invasively get rid of the targetted fat around your waistline (abdomen and love handles) without the need for surgery as well as thighs and upper arms providing there is enough fat in the area.

Results are usually seen between 8-12 weeks, which is the time needed for the body to process the treated fat in the area naturally; however, the full effects on one treatment can take up to 9 months.

This treatment IS NOT LIPOSUCTION or SURGERY, and i is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and exercise or to lose weight. We inform all clients that following the treatment that they ensure they adhere to a healthy living lifestyle. What this treatment offers, is a quick and easy way to slim that last inch or tone up that stubborn pocket of fat and help to reach your shape goals by removing teh fat cells and tightening the skin at the same time for an all over enhanced appearance in the process.

A Caliper is an instrument that is used to measure the fat area that we are treating, by pinching the skin and fat underneath the skin, known as the subcutaneous fat. The measurements give us an accurate analysis of the fat, and we are treating.