HIFU face and neck lift


When my client came to me and said “Patti, make me feel refreshed and looking youthful again”, I immediately knew the perfect treatment that would give her back her confidence and make her feel like a million dollars. The treatment was the amazing HIFU Face and Neck Lift.

After an in-depth medical consultation into her health and well-being, I begin her treatment. Like with most clients, at first, she was sceptical, apprehensive and somewhat nervous. I reassure her that it is normal for clients to feel this way and after a while, she begins to relax and enjoy the treatment.

Throughout, I keep her engaged, informing her step by step what I am doing to ensure she knows what to expect. I find this is a good way of distracting my clients and making them feel relaxed. When I ask her how she is feeling, like with most, she is enjoying the warmth of the transducer head, which is penetrating tiny amounts of concentrated ultrasound heat, giving a warm sensation that is being deposited below the surface of the skin, which many people describe as a tingling feeling.

I finish the treatment and offer her a glass of water, once she is sitting upright. I can see the glow in her face and she informs me, that she can already feel her skin tighten. This isn’t uncommon, as immediately after the treatment, the skin begins to wake up and over the course of the next 9 months, the full effects are mind blowing.

As you can see in the after-treatment images below, her results are amazing and in her own words, she has this to say;

I have to say, I look amazing and I haven’t been able to say that in so many years! This treatment has been a god send and it has given me back so much confidence, I feel 20 years younger and I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror, I’m simply over the moon! I’ve got my jawline, cheekbones & self-esteem back which I had lost many years ago, I would strongly recommend this one-off treatment to anyone! 

Our client has since gone on to have HIFU Body Lipolysis on her upper arms and has kindly allowed us to use these before and after images.