Skin Rejuvenation

Welcome to part three of the Skin Rejuvenation Experience. Our aim is to help clients feel at ease from start to finish, which is why we have created this three-part series explaining the process.

After all, it can be a big decision to undergo a skin rejuvenation treatment.

In case you’ve missed them, part one explained the consultation process, from the very first point of contact, while part two took you through the steps of walking into the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.

But what is part three?

The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic Experience. Part three.

Well… We’ll keep it brief.

So, you’ve had your treatment, you’ve asked any questions you may have, and we’ve explained the aftercare. Now what? Well, clients decide to undergo a skin rejuvenation treatment for a variety of reasons. We’ll be sure to tell how the results can start to appear; it can be a game of patience sometimes!

After a few days, we’ll follow appointments up with a brief phone call to check how you are! We’d love to hear your feedback too.

Fast forward a month, and you’ll hear from us again.

Why? Because we care about your results. While most skin rejuvenation results need a minimum of three months to show, some can start to appear a lot quicker than others.

So whether you’re looking to regain that youthful flow or fight the signs of ageing early, we’re here to help!


If you’d like to call the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and get your skin rejuvenation treatment underway, simply phone: 0800 0831 507 to find out more.